Success Story

“We are so proud of him here at Springdale!”

Join us this month in the celebration of success of Mr. Keith Bowers at Springdale Healthcare Center! Mr. Bowers was admitted to Springdale from a nursing facility in Pageland, SC. Prior to his arrival here at Springdale, he suffered a couple falls due to weakness and impaired coordination.

Mr. Bowers has been working very hard with the occupational and physical therapy team here at Springdale to regain his strength and independence during daily tasks. We have noticed a tremendous turnaround in Mr. Bowers since his arrival here as he has progressed in coordination, strength, dynamic balance, and functional activity tolerance.  He is now able to ambulate for within community distance, perform self-care tasks with supervision, and even participate in daily activities with the activities department with no issue.

Mr. Bowers remains dedicated and continues to work hard towards his goals inside and outside of therapy.