“Springdale facility and staff are super proud of her progress and outcomes!”

Success Story

This month we are celebrating the success of Ms. Denise Stone at Springdale Healthcare Center! Ms. Stone was admitted to Springdale from Prisma Health- Tuomey where she was diagnosed with septic shock, kidney failure, severe blood loss, dehydration, brain dysfunction, depression, and diabetes. Ms. Stone displayed great difficulty communicating during evaluation although she was able to express that she had not walked in 4 years and required total assistance for self-care.

Denise participated in speech therapy, occupational therapy, and physical therapy, where she has displayed tremendous gains. Initially, she never wanted to get out of bed or participate fully in therapy. She can now hold meaningful conversations with us, transfer with standby-assist, complete self care tasks with minimal assist, and walk approximately 10ft using a hemi-walker. She is all smiles while up and active daily and doesn’t miss a single activity with the activities department!

Denise remains dedicated and continues to work hard towards her long-term goals.