Success Story

“She will truly be missed!”

We are pleased to announce the success of Ms. Dorothy Barrett at Springdale Healthcare Center! Ms. Barrett came to us after a brief hospital stay at MUSC-Kershaw due to a fall at home, resulting in a right hip fracture.

    Ms. Barrett started off slow with physical and occupational therapy at Springdale Healthcare, requiring extensive assistance and motivation with each session. But with time, Ms. Barrett was able to dismiss all of her doubts and roll herself down to our gym each day for therapy. She progressed from walking a few steps initially, to walking with a rolling walker while snarling at us for even guarding her. Even though we started off on the wrong foot, figuratively, Ms. Barrett has been a huge success with her progression and really put the therapy team to work.

    We are pleased to say she will be discharging home with family support and getting back to picking her pear trees empty!