March 4, 2022

Dear Residents and Families/Representatives,

Happy Friday!  Please accept this letter as our weekly update regarding the status of COVID-19 in our facility. We are happy to report that we currently have no new confirmed cases of COVID-19 in our facility with this week’s testing. Please remember to continue to follow all COVID-19 Safety Protocols as directed by the CDC.

We have implemented new visitation measures to continue to ensure resident, staff, and visitor safety during visitation time. We have designated visitation areas in the facility for visits. Below, I have highlighted a few key points to our visitation:

❑ While it’s not required for you to schedule a visit during normal visitation hours (8a-7p daily), we strongly encourage you to do so. This will ensure that we have your loved one is in our designated visitation area at the time you would like to visit with them. 

❑Visitors who have a positive viral test for COVID19, symptoms of COVID-19, or currently meet the criteria for quarantine, should not enter the facility. Facility will screen all who enter for visitation.

❑ Facility will limit visitor movement within the facility and maintain physical distancing by advising visitors to go directly to designated visitation area.

❑ Use of alcohol-based hand rub will be required upon entry and exit. If hands are visibly soiled than hand washing will be required.

❑ Face masks (covering mouth and nose) and physical distancing of at least six feet between persons, in accordance with CDC will be required.

❑ Additionally, facility will not host large gatherings or events where residents and visitors cannot maintain physical distancing.

❑ Please Do Not Rearrange the Tables and Chairs in the designated visitation area.

You can continue to contact our Activities Department at 803-432-3741, in order to schedule your outdoor visit(s), in order to ensure that there is adequate spacing, as outlined in basic core principles of COVID-19 Infection Control, and/or virtual visits. Please feel free to visit your loved ones at their windows at any time. Our residents love to receive mail as well.

Please continue to check our website for weekly updates, changes in visitation processes, as well as notification of new cases. As always, we will notify you if we receive confirmation of a new positive case in our facility and we will reach out to you individually if your loved one is displaying symptoms of COVID-19 or tests positive for COVID-19.

If you have any questions or concerns please contact us directly at 803-432-3741.


Ashley Lloyd, LNHA, BSW, MA, MHA